Markham Reads 2022


Join us for the 10th Markham Reads where we vote for a book and read together as a City and connect with each other at fun virtual events related to the book.


Markham Reads Cookbook Submissions

In celebration of Markham Reads, we will be putting together a cook book of recipes submitted by Markham residents.

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Markham Reads 2022

The winner of this year's Markham Reads is "Have You Eaten Yet" by Cheuk Kwan.

The book documents the stories of Chinese restaurants around the world. From Haifa, Israel, to Cape Town, South Africa, Chinese entrepreneurs and restaurateurs have brought delicious Chinese food across the globe. Unravelling a complex history of cultural migration and world politics, Cheuk Kwan narrates a fascinating story of culture and place, ultimately revealing how an excellent meal always tells an even better story. Read the book and join our discussions and programs to celebrate this year's Markham Reads.

Author Bio

Cheuk Kwan grew up in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan; and worked and lived in the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Canada. His international and diasporic upbringing gave him an early start in world travel and opportunities to meet people from numerous countries.

Kwan’s 15-episode Chinese Restaurants television series brings together his personal experiences, love of food and travel, and appreciation of the Chinese diaspora culture worldwide. His new book Have You Eaten Yet? draws out a global narrative of the Chinese diaspora by linking together personal stories of chefs, entrepreneurs, laborers and dreamers who populate Chinese kitchens world-wide.

Kwan Author Photo Credit Cedric Sam
Kwan Author Photo Credit Cedric Sam

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National Apple Month

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National Apple Month

October is National Apple Month! Check out this simple and delicious apple recipe for the fall season.

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Literacy Programs

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