Seed Library

York Region Food Network and Markham Public Library are dedicated to connecting communities to the land, cultural experiences, personal growth and greater opportunities.

Our seed library is one way we nurture that connection. The goal of community seed libraries is to protect genetic diversity in our food system and promote public access to seeds.

In partnership with York Region Food Network, MPL offers a Seed Library at our Unionville branch. Check out this workshop video from York Region Food Network to learn how to start your seed.

Related FAQs

  • Anyone can access the seed library at Unionville Branch, there are a variety of seeds that can be sown at any point in the growing season. There are small envelopes to take what you need, you can find a variety of salad greens, vegetable plants, flowers and herb seeds in the seed library.

  • You can save seeds of many plants in the autumn or from large fruit during summer. Some seeds such as tomatoes, lettuce, peas and beans are the easiest to save seeds from. If you have been successful in saving seeds you are welcome to bring them in so they can be added to the seed library for others to grow.

  • Markham Public Library has many resources to help you in designing a garden, deciding which plants to grow, and maintaining your garden throughout the year. Discover our books, magazines, and online encyclopedias on gardening.


How it Works

The Seed Library is available at Unionville Library from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024. If you are new to gardening, interested in growing a greater diversity of plants, or invest in supporting a community of growers, our Seed Library will help you do that! When you arrive at the library, please ask staff to direct you to the Seed Library.

Seed Library

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Gardening Books

Sheet Music

Online Resources


Universal Class

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