Celebrating Persian Heritage Month

In 2021, Ontario took a significant step in recognizing the rich culture and contributions of the Persian community by enacting Bill 271 and proclaiming March as Persian Heritage Month. The recognition of Persian Heritage Month is the result of efforts of community leaders and policy makers in acknowledging the contributions of Persian-Canadians. Canada is home to more than 200,00 individuals of Persian descent and nearly half call Ontario their home. Persian Heritage Month is an opportunity to recognize the valuable contributions of the Persian-Canadian community in Ontario’s social, economic, and cultural landscape. It provides a platform to celebrate the diverse aspects of Persian culture, including its art, literature, music, cuisine, traditions, and more.

Persian Heritage Month coincides with Nowruz, one of the most significant celebrations within Persian culture. Nowruz, also known as the Persian New Year, marks the beginning of spring. Nowruz translates to “New Day” and includes traditions like setting up the Haft-Seen table with seven symbolic items starting with the letter “S”, visiting family and friends to exchange well-wishes and gifts, enjoying traditional meals, and partaking in community festivities. Nowruz is a time of celebration for many Persian communities worldwide.

York Region and Toronto will be holding numerous events in celebration of Persian Heritage Month and Nowruz. One such event is the Nowruz Festival 2024 (free admission), taking place on March 9th and 10th, offering a vibrant showcase of Persian culture through music, dancing, performances, and more. The festival will hold all day activities for kids, youth, and adults including a cozy tea house and a vibrant artisan market. On March 7th, we also invite you to join us at the Thornhill Community Centre Library for a Persian Storytime filled with songs and stories.

For further learning, delve into the thousands of years of history, tradition, and legacy of the Persian community with the following books: 

Persian Heritage Month

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