Volunteering at Markham Public Library is part of a city wide initiative that offers rewarding experiences by allowing volunteers to make valuable contributions to the Markham community and strengthening the services the library offers.

Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age and must complete these four steps to become a volunteer:


Additional training may be required if you want to volunteer for specialized programs, such as becoming a mentor for Reading Buddies, volunteering for summer camps and Makerspace activities.

Roles and Expectations

As volunteers for Markham Public Library, we expect respect, dignity and professionalism at all volunteering opportunities. Please read through the City of Markham Volunteer Handbook [PDF], opens a new window

We rely on our volunteers for running programs and activities. By signing up for our volunteer opportunities, you are committing to helping with that event/program/task. It is important that you inform us of your absence. Volunteers who fail to inform us of their absences more than three times will need to complete the interview process again before they are able to sign up for future opportunities.

Please read below our Code of Conduct:

  • Show respect, dignity, and professionalism
  • Be a positive role model
  • Uphold our mission, values, and strategic priorities
  • Uphold and implement all departmental policies and procedures
  • Dress appropriately and follow your role’s specific dress code
  • Help make a positive working environment
  • Keep things confidential
  • Respect the privacy of others

Do not:

  • Criticize other volunteers, staff, participants, or services
  • Use profane, insulting, or offensive language
  • Be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or banned substances. Our facilities are smoke free.
  • Give drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products to volunteers, participants, or guests

Logging Volunteer hours

Volunteers are responsible for logging their hours for school’s requirements. It is highly recommended that volunteers bring the documents provided by their school to the opportunities and have it signed by staff after the opportunity is over, unless told otherwise. We encourage volunteers to get their hours signed off promptly.

If volunteers did not get certain hours signed off from a previous opportunity, they must contact the volunteer lead at the branch where the activity took place and arrange a time for those hours to be signed off.


  • As long as you are 14 years of age and older,  you can join our volunteer team! Markham Public Library has many fun and engaging volunteer opportunities that will help you gain valuable skills and experience. 

  • Yes, once you are qualified to volunteer, you can pick any volunteer opportunities that best fit you. 

  • Each region has its own process of obtaining a VSC. Please visit your regional police website and follow its VSC process.

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