Mission & Vision

Our Vision

At your library, Markham comes together to imagine, create, learn and grow as individuals, neighbourhoods and a City. Everyone in Markham benefits from exceptional library experiences and intellectual pursuits through reading, studying, exploring ideas, solving problems, gaining knowledge, engaging in civic discourse, and connecting with others to build social cohesion and create Markham’s shared future. The Library is a place where nobody is left behind. Those living and working in the City are inspired and transformed as they experience library services, spaces and curated resources in ways that are uniquely meaningful to them.

Our Mission

We are your library, connecting you to lifelong learning, the world’s knowledge, cultural experiences, community building, personal growth and greater opportunities. We champion the transformational power of reading. We are a force for inclusivity, ensuring equity of access to welcoming spaces, resources and opportunities and upholding democratic values that empower you for success as engaged global citizens. We enhance the educational experience, focusing on the development of key literacies in reading, digital skills, mathematics and sciences so that you can be resilient in an increasingly complex and dynamic world.


We value reading and learning to support literacies of all kinds
We are committed to offering excellent customer service.
We create a welcoming environment that recognizes and celebrates the diversity of our community.
We provide library spaces and resources that are free, convenient and easy to use.
We are innovative and collaborative, anticipating and meeting community needs in a changing world.
We are accountable for the responsible use of public funds.

Our Customer Promise

Markham Public Library enriches, inspires, empowers and links the community through our resources and services. We proudly work to promote literacy, a lifelong love of learning, and a culture of reading.

As our customer, you can expect Markham Public Library to:

  • deliver equal access to information and services tailored to meet your needs
  • offer dynamic service by informed staff who take ownership of every customer interaction
  • acknowledge and respond to your feedback
  • have fair practices and procedures while ensuring accountability to the community
  • provide welcoming spaces

We are confident that you will work with us to ensure that all library customers share an outstanding experience. As a customer of Markham Public Library you will:

  • respect the rights of all library customers to share a common space
  • ensure the care and safety of your children
  • be courteous and respectful to others
  • follow library practices and procedures
  • treat library materials and resources with care

We will work with you to provide an outstanding library experience.

Markham Public Library Equity and Inclusion Statement [PDF], opens a new window

MPL Intellectual Freedom Statement [PDF], opens a new window

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