Printing, Copying, Scanning

Other than Markham Village and Milliken Mills Library, use a local public computer to print. Ask staff for direction for how to photocopy documents. If you wish to scan, bring a USB (or purchase one from the branch) to scan documents (free service). The new printing services mentioned below will be expanded to all MPL branches later this fall.

New Printing Services currently only available at Markham Village and Milliken Mills Library!

Use your library card to login to the new MPL Printing Portal, opens a new window where you can use ‘Web Print’ to submit print jobs, or add credit to your account using a credit card or a ‘Prepaid Printing Card’ purchased at the branch to later release your print jobs of photocopy documents at the branch. You will also need your library card credentials to login on the new public printers to release print jobs, copy documents or scan to a USB device or to your library email.

You can also submit print jobs directly from your personal computer using the MPL Cloud Printer which requires the installation of the MPL printer on a Windows,, opens a new window MAC, opens a new window, or Chromebook, opens a new window device. 

Check the Printing Instructions, opens a new window guide [PDF] for more detailed information on how to use our new services.

Printing Cost

  • Black & White: $0.15 per page (or $0.25 for double-sided printing)
  • Colour: $0.50 per page (or $0.90 for double-sided printing)
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