Library Messages

The library will send you a message if:

  • Your hold is ready to pick up
  • You have items that are overdue
  • You have outstanding service charges

You may choose to receive library messages by email or through TeleCirc, our automated telephone message system.  Once a notice is sent you are responsible for ensuring it is acted upon in a timely manner.   Speak to Library staff if you wish to change how you receive messages or if you would like to receive notification of upcoming due dates.  

Email Notification

If you prefer to receive messages by email please ask Library staff to update your account.

How do I change an email address to my account?

  • Log in to your online account and go to Account Setting at the top, centre of the page.
  • If you have not created an online account click on "log in" at the top right corner of the page.  You will be asked for an email address as part of the process of creating an account.  
  • Visit the library and ask staff to update your account.

What is the Library’s privacy policy for email notification?

  • Markham Public Library is committed to confidentiality for all our customers. All personal information is collected under the authority of Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. MPL will not release your email address or personal information to any outside source without a legal court order. You will not receive spam email as a result of having your email address in your account.
  • You may also opt to receive emails about library services that are not related to your account.  These may include information about new services, upcoming events or other useful library information.  
  • Please note that anyone with access to your email account can see your notices.  Email notices include your name and the titles you have available for pick up or items that are overdue.  

Can I receive email notices and telephone calls or get messages sent to more than one email address?

  • Only one email address can be entered into your account. You can change your email address any time.
  • You may choose whether you want to receive messages by email or by telephone. The system does not allow you to receive both.

I'm not getting my email notices.

  • If you believe that you are not receiving email addresses please check that your email address is valid and has been entered correctly.
  • Your emails may be going to your spam or junk folder. Add the library as a contact to prevent messages from being marked as spam.
  • Once you are sent an email notice, you are responsible for ensuring it is read and acted upon in a timely manner.

TeleCirc Notifications

TeleCirc is an automated phone messaging system to help you manage your account.  TeleCirc uses synthesized speech, so please excuse any mispronunciations! TeleCirc is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can use TeleCirc to:

  • Renew items you have out
  • Hear items to pick-up
  • Cancel items on hold
  • Find out whether you owe late charges

TeleCirc will also call you when items are being held for you to pick up or when material is overdue.

Calling in to TeleCirc

To use the system, you will need your library card and your personal identification number (PIN).  Call 905 474 5966 and follow the menu options. 

  • press the # (pound) key at any time to repeat the list of options
  • press the * (star) key at any time to exit from TeleCirc.  

How does TeleCirc protect my privacy?

If TeleCirc calls when no one is home, it will leave a voicemail message asking you to call the library. If another member of the household answers when TeleCirc calls, it will ask that they have you call the Library. To preserve the confidentiality of your library account TeleCirc will not give the titles of your library materials to anyone who cannot supply your library card number and personal identification number (PIN).

When message is unclear

TeleCirc sometimes repeats the message to make sure you get all the information. Voicemail with long messages may cause TeleCirc to begin mid-message. If you need to check information on your account, or if you need to hear details of a message again, call TeleCirc at 905-474-5966 with your library card number and PIN. 

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