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Proctoring Services

The City of Markham has implemented a new Program Registration and Facility Booking platform. Starting September 5th, all students using the proctoring service must have an account on this PROGRAM REGISTRATION AND FACILITY BOOKING PLATFORM, opens a new window. Here are the instructions on HOW TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT, opens a new window.

Did you know we offer proctoring services for students? This service is great for distance learning, online courses, or any school exam that requires a proctor or invigilator.

To submit an application for a proctoring appointment, please fill out the online Proctoring Request Form, opens a new window.  Please submit the proctoring request at least 7 days before the exam date.

Library staff will contact you to schedule the appointment and work with you and your school to make the necessary arrangements. Payment can be made in the branch or online, fee is due within one week of booking the appointment. Online Payment Instructions, opens a new window [PDF]. 

Fee Information:

  • $19.00 per hour + applicable taxes (2023 Rate)
  • Additional fees apply if shipping is required

Please see MPL Proctoring Services Policy [PDF], opens a new window for details of the service.
Please note, you will need an account on Markham’s Program Registration and Facility Booking platform, opens a new window to complete a proctoring booking. Please find instructions on how to create an account here, opens a new window.

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