As a Library member you can borrow a wide variety of materials.

Borrowing Periods

Borrowing Items Borrowing Period Renew* Holds
Movies & videogames 7 days Yes Yes
Boomerang Books 14 days No No
Boomerang Movies 7 days No No
Digital Media Equipment 14 days No No
Musical Instruments 14 days No No
Board Books 21 days Yes No
Toys (at Aaniin, Cornell & Milliken Mills) 14 days No No
Magazines 7 days Once No
Books and all other items 21 days Yes Yes
eBooks (from OverDrive) 21 days Yes Yes

*an item may be renewed if no one is waiting for it. Our system will automatically renew all eligible items 3 days before the due date. The renewal limits is 10 renewals.

Boomerangs are popular items available at the Library on a first-come-first-served basis.

Borrowing Limits

  • You can borrow up to 100 physical items on your card and an additional 75 electronic items.
  • If the item has holds on it the loan period may be reduced.

Extended Loans

Extended loans are available for items that are not in high demand. We reserve the right to limit or deny extended loans on specific items.

Returning Items

  • Items may be returned at any open branch using the drop boxes which are open 24/7 for your convenience. Visit the Hours & Locations page to see branches open and hours of service.
  • Toys and Lendery items  can be returned at the open branches as well. Please do not use the Drop Box when you are returning these items. 
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