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Markham Public Library (MPL) is pleased to announce that its MPL Trail Project was selected for the My Main Street Community Activator program and has received $25,000 to animate the trails and main streets adjacent to Markham Village and Unionville Library branches making for a more accessible, inclusive and animated experience for the community. Through the Government of Canada’s My Main Street Community Activator program, delivered by the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI), the MPL Trail Project will help support the revitalization of local neighbourhoods and help drive economic activity by animating public spaces and increasing visitors and foot traffic.

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Upcoming Events

Indigenous Nature Walk

Markham Village Indigenous Nature Walk

Oct 8th | 10:00am - 1:00pm
Join Alan Colley from Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tours for a three-hour outdoor program to learn Ojibway Creation stories and partake in a…

Trail Collection

Check out the Trail Collection at Markham Village and Unionville Libraries before you go for a walk in the trail. We have binoculars, bug nets, compass, insect capture box, magnifying glass, traction shoes, walking poles and more for you to borrow! Launching this Fall. 

Trail Collection

MPL Trail Project App

Local high school students are developing an app to animate the trails. You will be able to enjoy self-guided walks while learning about Markham’s rich local history and ecology by scanning the QR codes on the signs along the trails. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting initiative.

Markham Youth Magazine Council

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Trail Collection

5 Trails to Explore Near Markham Public Libraries

Did you know that Markham is filled with scenic parks and trails that are perfect for leisurely walks, hikes, picnics, and even cycling?

Trail Collection

Fun Things to Do - The Great Outdoors

What better way to spend your summer days than exploring the outdoors.

Trail Collection

Forest Bathing

Did you know that having a bath in a forest can be good for your mind, body and soul? It’s true!

Trail Collection

Short Audiobooks for Hiking

Looking for something to do while you hike? Checkout this list of short audiobooks to keep you company.

Explore Local Shops on Main Street Markham & Unionville


Mainstreet Markham

Main Street Markham is the original main street of the Village of Markham–one of Ontario’s oldest communities with a rich & interesting past


Mainstreet Unionville

Main Street Unionville runs through the historical suburban community of Unionville and offers unique shops, tempting cafes and restaurants.

About Markham

Markham, an award-winning municipality with more than 356,000 residents and the largest of nine communities in York Region, is home to over 650 headquartered companies and more than 1,500 high tech and life science companies. Markham is a leader in attracting foreign direct investment with more than 234 foreign companies located in the City. Founded in the 1790s, today Markham is Canada’s most diverse community and enjoys a rich heritage, outstanding community planning and services, and a vibrant local economy.

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