Markham Reads 2022 Winner

Do you enjoy Chinese cuisine? You certainly wouldn’t be the only one if you said yes. In fact, Chinese food continues to fill diners’ tastebuds with pleasure and joy, and has made a large impact throughout the world. It is known for its fragrant flavours, scrumptious dishes, and myriad of intriguing food combinations that work resoundingly well.

The community spoke loud and clear when they selected "Have You Eaten Yet" by Cheuk Kwan as the winner of this year’s Markham Reads. This book features the stories of Chinese entrepreneurs and restaurant owners throughout the world who have created delicious Chinese meals for us to enjoy.

In the spirit of this book, we asked our fellow Markham Public Library staff members about some of their favourite dishes from Markham-based Chinese restaurants. Below, we highlight some of their top choices:

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