Markham Reads: Victoria’s Hobbies

In the novel Bookworm, the main character Victoria channels her frustrations from an unhappy marriage into fantasies about her husband’s death. Here are some hobbies that Victoria could have taken-up instead.

Creative Writing

Victoria clearly has an active imagination, making up stories about every person she’d see at her favourite coffee shop and indulging in flights of fantasy relating to her object of affection, fellow coffee shop patron, Luke. She could have taken these creative inspirations and wrote some stories. 



Want to learn how to write short stories, novels or poetry, but not sure how to get started? Here is a compilation of resources to help you power through that writer's block.

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It’s clear that Victoria loves to read, but she also shows skills in other areas, including cooking. She could have cooked for fun rather than cooking just for her husband.

Learn how to cook with easy recipes from these excellent cookbooks featuring various cuisines.

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Working at a spa, Victoria helps her customers reach a state of calm after their massages, but Victoria, herself, could have taken some time to focus on meditation, herself, to calm her frayed nerves. Here are some meditation programs that we have coming up, to celebrate Bookworm.

Here is a list of books on meditation:


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