Science Literacy Week

Science Literacy Week is from September 20th to September 26th in Canada. This is a week dedicated to how children and families can explore science through learning about discoveries and exploration. Science is important to figuring out how the world around us works. It can be a lot of fun to learn about the many, structures, processes and explanations for how things have come to be, from the water cycle to our own human cells. 

This year's theme is climate. Canada's climate is varied, with hot summers and long harsh winters especially in the northern regions. There are rainy climates on our East and West Coasts and dry flat lands in the centre of our country. The climate is also changing at accelerated rates due to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and pollution. Climates influence people and wildlife that reside within. For Science Literacy Week this year, learn about climates and how they have changed. We can also examine how these climate changes have and will affect us as well as other animals and plants.

Here are a few books to read to learn about science, the Earth's climate and climate change:

Science Literacy Week: Climate

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Climate is this year's Science Literacy Week theme. This guide is for families and children to explore the many climates that exist across Canada and the world. Also, discover how the Earth's climate is changing around the globe and what that means for humans, other animals and plants.

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Celebrate and learn about science with the library. How? Well, here is a list of science activities that you can do at home, re-using everyday household items:


Engineering Project: Hand Crank Winch



Physics and Engineering Project: Catapult



Chemistry: Fireworks in a Jar



Chemistry and Geology: Volcano



Space: Solar System Model



Density: Ocean in a Jar