National Indigenous History Month: A Month Dedicated to the Original People of this Land

This month we celebrate National Indigenous History Month in Canada. It reminds us to take a look back at the history of the Indigenous peoples in Canada. Indigenous Peoples are the first peoples of Canada, well, this country before it became Canada. They were here before France and Britain colonized the land. Indigenous peoples include First Nations, Metis and Inuit. These three peoples have unique languages, beliefs and cultures.

It is important to acknowledge the many years of mistreatment that Indigenous peoples suffered at the hands of the Canadian government, including taking their lands and moving them onto reserves; and taking their children away to put them in Residential Schools. The Canadian government has closed all of its residential schools and apologized for having them.

In addition to learning about the history of Indigenous peoples, it is also important to celebrate the diversity and rich culture of Indigenous communities. We can do this by taking time to learn about the contributions Indigenous peoples have made to Canada.  Even Canada’s favourite pass-time, hockey, and national sport, lacrosse, have their roots in Indigenous games.

It is important to note, that when looking at history and stories of Indigenous Peoples, to consider works by Indigenous authors as well and consider oral histories. Prior to contact with Europeans, Indigenous Peoples passed on their histories, stories and lessons orally. This tradition, still exists to this day.

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