Tips for Building a Reading Habit

As the year gets closer to the end many of us are thinking about what 2022 has to bring. With so many great books out, and so much to learn, you may be interested to start a reading habit! Here are our top tips for making reading work for you.

1. Set a Reading Goal

What do you want your goal to be? Could you read 12 books a year? More? Or your goal could be in pages or time per day. Even 10 - 15 pages a day can help solidify a reading habit and help you meet your goals.

Goals are often easier when we work towards them with others. Join us for any of our book clubs, including the MPL book club, beginning January 2022, or start your own book club

2. Make a List

Creating a list of books you want to read can help you get excited about what you will be learning and reading. With a reading list it can be easier to know what book to pick next, and make sure that the book you're looking for will be available at the library.

Our staff is always coming up with great lists, including "Jump Start Your 2022 Reading Habit" , "Books to Read Next if you Loved Squid Game" , and "Romance to Keep You Warm"

3. Schedule a Time For Reading

Reading at the same time every day can help build a routine, and create a habit. Reading first thing in the morning, reading or listening to an audio book on your commute, or reading at lunch time are great ways to add reading to your day.

4. Know When to Quit!

It can be easy to feel like we have to finish every book we start, but it can be hard to push through books that we don't like or that don't match our expectations. Many people use the 50-page rule. Read the first pages of any book, and if 50 pages in you don't like the book - find a new one! 

5. Make Reading Work For You

If you don't have time to come into the library to browse, maybe e-books are a good solution for you. If you drive on your commute, maybe audio-books are a good solution for you. If you like to spend the whole day at the library reading and browsing then that is a great solution too! Remember that all reading is reading, whether you like books, magazines, e-books, audio-books, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and all the rest!

These are just a few ideas to get your reading journey started, or to keep it going. Our friendly staff are able to help you find books to help you meet your goals. Read in a way that resonates with you, and adds joy!