10 Gifts for Book Lovers

Tis the season for giving gifts. Do you know any book lovers? Finding the right gift can be stressful, but we are here to offer some suggestions. Some gifts can be bought, or if you are a bit crafty, created right at your home. Here are 10 fun gifts to give book lovers.

  1. Gift Basket: While cuddling up with your favourite book, you might want some snacks or tea. You can put together a gift basket with teas, chocolates, candies, chips, crackers, jams or coffee.
  2. Books: This is an obvious choice. 
  3. Teas and accessories: Get some loose tea, a re-usable tea strainer, tea, a tea pot or a tea set.
  4. A book light or cool table lamp: This is one way to set the mood, when reading their favourite genre.
  5. Candles: This is another way to set the mood, which is especially great when reading classic authors like Charles Dickens or Jane Austen. 
  6. Bath bombs: Because some people like to take a relaxing bath while reading their favourite books.
  7. Headphones: Some people love to listen to music while they read. So, why not opt for some cordless headphones that are Bluetooth-enabled? There are a wide range to choose from.
  8. E-Reader: Instead of reading paper books, some people enjoy the convenience of ebooks on the go. There are a variety of e-readers out there from Kindle to Kobo. MPL has a lot of ebooks available on OverDrive.
  9. Book bag: This will help carry all of their books. There are all sorts of interesting book bags out there. You can even make a book bag yourself -be creative!
  10. A throw blanket: Because how else can you get cozy, when reading during these chilly winter nights?!