7 Small Business Podcasts To Add To Your Playlist


Podcasts- The next best thing to live interaction. As a small business owner, you are constantly looking for inspiration and validation of your ideas. Reading is cool, networking and Zoom conferences are great, but what about for those days when you need to squeeze in a little something extra? Here are seven of the best podcasts to listen to, if you wish to pick the brain of someone who’s “been there and done that” in the industry.

  • StartUp by Gimlet Media : StartUp is a documentary series on the entrepreneurial life. It is, by their own definition, a show about what it’s really like, to start a business. Hosted by Editorial Director and co-founder of Gimlet Media, Alex Blumberg, the series features Alex’s conversations with people from vastly different industries, delving into conversations that focus on key turning points in their careers/lives.
  • The Small Business Millionaire : The Small Business Millionaire podcast teaches you the secret to small business strategies that help you build profitable, growth-oriented businesses. What’s more, host and successful small business owner Jeff Weiner shares his expertise in crucial things like managing cash-flow, leading teams increasing revenue and so on that will help you maximize your wealth-building capabilities.
  • Canadian Small Business Podcast : Canadian SME is a platform for Canadian entrepreneurs with small and medium-sized businesses to gain advice and knowledge from Canadian experts in growing their enterprises. The Canadian SME Podcast calls upon subject matter experts to discuss emerging issues and innovative solutions that help small business owners. The podcast aims to empower Canadian small and medium businesses and help them reach a larger audience through their platform.
  • Growth Everywhere- Leveling Up : Hosted by marketing maverick Eric Siu, Leveling Up is a podcast focusing on business and personal growth. He interviews world-class entrepreneurs who provide “actionable insights” to help you grow. Other than that, he creates short segments called “Growth Bites” that are designed to cover topics such as sales, marketing and productivity.
  • Breaking Down Your Business : Through their podcast, hosts Brad Farriz and Jill Salzman attempt to find answers to the most complex questions of the day. With relatable titles such as “How Can We Sell Right Now?” and “How Do I Make More Money Without Driving Myself Nuts?” the duo get to the bottom of these mysteries by talking to brilliant entrepreneurial minds from unlikely spaces.
  • Small Business Snippets : The official podcast of Small Business.co.uk features 15 minute, one-on-one discussions with small business owners in the UK, about something that is of importance to them. This format really engages with business owners who might not be celebrities but are nevertheless full of ideas, ambition and resilience. For this reason, it might resonate across borders.
  • Glo Says Let’s Talk Local : Gloria Chong is a Vancouver-based podcaster who hosts her eponymous show. Glo is curious about the entrepreneurial community of her home Vancouver. She talks to the people behind local businesses there about their process, innovation and craftsmanship. She finds out why they do what they do. An informative, fun podcast that brings to light some hidden gems in the small business world.

Tune into one or more of these podcasts- who knows what might spark off your next brilliant idea!