7 Ways to Learn English at the Library

Learning English can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have many opportunities to practice at home. Thankfully, Markham Public Library is here to support all of your language-learning needs. With our resources, you can learn English all while improving your pronunciation, reading, and writing. We even have ESL Classes and English Conversation Circles for you to get some real-time practice. Here are seven ways to get started:

  1. Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great for English learners! If you have a busy schedule, you can listen to audiobooks on the go to perfect your pronunciation and listening skills. Pro tip: keep a dictionary handy for all of the words you don’t know (yet!). Here’s how you can listen to eAudiobooks with your Markham Public Library card:

  • OverDrive has a large collection of the latest audiobooks that you can borrow. To listen on your Apple or Android device, simply download the Libby by Overdrive app. Not sure how to use the app? Watch the OverDrive tutorial to learn more.  
  • Hoopla allows you to browse a large collection of eAudiobooks that you can stream in your web browser of listen to offline on your mobile device. Learn how to use Hoopla here.
  1. Movies

Similar to audiobooks, movies can help you learn English with the added bonus of seeing the meaning on screen. Download the Hoopla app to watch movies on the go. Who knew learning English can be this fun? Grab some popcorn and explore our online movie collection:

  • Kanopy is a video streaming service with a large collection of over 30,000+ movies and documentaries. Not sure how to get started? Watch the Kanopy tutorial to find out!  
  • In addition to audiobooks, OverDrive and Hoopla have large movie collections which you can explore by genre.
  1. Mango Languages

Mango Languages offers interactive online language courses available on your mobile device. With Mango, you can learn English as a second language at your own speed. Click here to learn more about what Mango Languages has to offer and learn how to use the app.

  1. Learning Hub

The Learning Hub has online courses to help you with reading and writing. Explore over 30 courses on grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and more.

  1. Udemy

With Udemy, you can learn English by completing modules for speaking, writing, listening, and grammar proficiency. The courses are self-paced and offer a certificate upon completion. There are hundreds of options to choose from with levels varying from beginner to advanced. Your library card gives you free access to Udemy and thousands of different courses. 

  1. English Conversation Circle

Do you want to practice English through friendly conversation? Join the English Conversation Circle (ECC) provided in partnership with Library Settlement Partnership (LSP). To sign up for ECC, visit our Events page or contact Guanxin Hua at 905-770-7040 ext. 223 for more information.

  1. ESL Classes

We offer English as a Second Language (ESL) classes through adult learning programs of York Region District School Board. Please call 905-731-9557 or 905-305-4122 for more information or visit the York Region District School Board website to get started today!