Celebrating Diverse Communities

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Diversity is important. People come in all shapes and sizes. They come from various ethnic backgrounds and have different cultures. They come from many countries and have unique identities. Our communities in Markham and Canada are made up of people from allover the world. Many people come from countries far and wide to live in Canada. Our differences make us interesting and makes Canada a great place to learn about other cultures. For example, it is because of this diversity that we have access to other cultures' food – yum! Although we are all different, we are all part of the same larger community and are all human.

Watch the following video to find out more about diversity and equality. 


Create a Venn diagram to show what things you have in common with someone and your differences. Get a blank piece of paper and use a pencil to draw a large circle on one side of page. Then, draw a circle overlapping with the first one on the other side of the page. In one of the circles write your name. In the other circle, write the name of someone else. Then, in the middle section where the circles overlap, write "Both". Here is a picture of what your diagram should look like:

Then in the circle where you wrote your name, list all of qualities that describe you such as "athletic", "tall", or "good at math". Then, in the circle that you wrote the name of someone else, write some words to describe that person's qualities, like you did for yourself. Next write all of the qualities you both have in common under "Both". If you listed qualities that the other person and you had in common in your circles, erase them and write them in the middle section under "Both".

Community is having things in common with others. It is sharing interests, culture, spiritual beliefs, values or living in the same place. Being a part of communities gives you a sense of belonging. What communities do you think you belong to?

Watch this video to find out more about what communities are:


Write a paragraph that describes your community or communities. What community or communities do you belong to? What makes them special?

See here to learn more about the Markham community

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