Encouraging cycling in our community

Cycling has become a very popular activity during the pandemic. Bicycle sales have continued to be high and demand for bikes has increased. Cycling is a great way to stay active this summer. Whether you are using your bike to commute to work or as a way to tour neighbourhood sights, riding a bicycle is fun and it's environmentally friendly! You can use your bike for exercise, while gyms are closed, or leisurely as a way to unwind and enjoy nature. Markham is a great city to bike in because there are many bike paths and trails to explore. If you are considering cycling, have just started, or are a seasoned rider, the Markham Public Library and Markham Cycles can provide helpful cycling information.

Markham Cycles, Markham's community hub for cycling information, is continuing its partnership with the library to bring you cycling programs and bike lending. Previously, customers were able to borrow bikes from the Milliken Mills Library. Starting July 8th, bikes will be available for loan at the Markham Village Library, which is close to many bike trails including one in Milne Park. So, if you have not been able to get a bike, you will soon be able to borrow one from the Markham Public Library again.  

This summer, we hosted safe cycling and repair programs. Some of our upcoming programs with Markham Cycles are:

  • Family Biking on July 8th at 6 pm
  • Your Rights as a Cyclist on July 22nd at 6 pm

Here are some community cycling resources:

Here is a list of books on cycling:


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