Get Ready for Markham Reads 2024!

It is that time again! The 12th Annual Markham Reads launches today. Markham Reads is where we vote for a book and read together as a city and connect with each other at fun events related to the book. Every year, Markham comes together to read a book as part of the biggest city-wide library program we have! It's a great way to connect as a city and meet new friends. Markham Reads celebrates one book that we've voted on as a community.

Read the summaries of the shortlisted books below and vote for your favourite using the voting form here.


Love From Mecca to Medina by S. K. Ali

Adam is in Doha, Qatar, working on a map of the Hijra, a historic migration from Mecca to Medina, while Zayneb is in Chicago dealing with school and extracurricular stresses. They get the chance to spend Thanksgiving week on the Umrah, a pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia. The trip is not what they expect, with Adam's former love interest appearing and Zayneb feeling anxious. As they navigate through rites in the holy city, they start to wonder if their meeting was just an oddity or if their love can transcend everything else like the greatest marvels of the world.




Jana Goes Wild by Farah Heron

Jana Suleiman, a woman who has never fit in, is a bridesmaid for a destination wedding in Serengeti National Park. She is surrounded by her family, friends, and her ex-boyfriend, Anil Malek. To help Jana get over Anil, Jana and the bridesmaids create a wild list to get through the week. However, Jana realizes that walking on the wild side isn't enough to prevent her from falling for her ex again.






The Heart of a Superfan by Nav Bhatia

Nav Bhatia, known as the Raptors Superfan, is a man who immigrated to Canada from India after facing numerous hardships. He found inspiration and community in the NBA, forming lifelong bonds with some of the best players in the sport. In his memoir, Nav shares his personal story of triumphing over adversity and the lessons that propelled him to success in various aspects of life, including being an entrepreneur, movie producer, humanitarian, son, father, and husband. Nav's book is about loyalty, perseverance, and the power of sports to unite people across differences, and how following one's passions can lead to extraordinary places.




Hollow Bamboo by William Ping

Hollow Bamboo is a novel by William Ping, a millennial who struggles with his biracial identity and his lack of knowledge of his Chinese heritage. During a dinner with his Chinese girlfriend's family, he encounters a sarcastic spirit named Mo, who takes him into the past to learn about his grandfather's life in Newfoundland. The story is based on a true story and tells the story of the first Chinese immigrants in Newfoundland, highlighting their struggles and successes. Drawing on elements of magical realism, autofiction, satire, and historical research, it is a fresh and original portrayal of our past and present.




Roaming by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki

Roaming is a captivating story about three friends travelling to New York City. Once there, an unexpected queer fling happens between two of the friends in New York City, which leads to complications with the other friend. This graphic novel captures the city's vibrant atmosphere and emotional tensions. The story is illustrated with muted pastels, allowing readers to see the city through the eyes of first-time travelers. The book is a masterpiece, revealing New York City's imperfections to the rhythms of its visitors, making it a future classic for generations to come.