Great Caribbean Eats in Markham

Markham is Canada’s most diverse city. Over 70 per cent of people in Markham are visible minorities, according to the Statistics Canada's National Household Survey. This means that there are a lot of cultures and where there are a lot of different cultures, this means there are a lot of different foods. Yum! If you are a foodie and you live in the GTA, you know Markham is home to some of the best food and restaurants. There is so much to choose from: Chinese food, Japanese, Indian, Korean, Colombian, Greek, Peruvian, Lebanese, Persian, Sri Lankan, Thai and even Caribbean food! You can literally have your taste buds travel the world, sampling various cuisines, without leaving the City.

Caribbean food is so much more than just Jamaican Jerk chicken. Here is a list of different dishes to try from the various countries in the Carribean:

  1. Stewed Salt Fish, dumpling, spicy plantains, and breadfruit
  2. Coucou and flying fish
  3. Crab and Callaloo
  4. Conch Fritters
  5. Fungee and Pepperpot 
  6. Mofongo
  7. La Badera
  8. Creole Bread

Here is a list of places that you must try, if you love Caribbean food:

  1. Cravins Caribbean Grill
  2. George’s Tastee Bakery & Deli
  3. Negril
  4. Chris Jerk
  5. Caribbean Cabana
  6. 6Boss Caribbean Jerk
Caribbean Cookbooks

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Here is a list of cookbooks to help you learn how to make delicious Caribbean dishes.

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