Holiday Crafts

When school is out and the snow is falling heavy outside, you might want to stay warm indoors, but if you’ve watched all the holiday flicks on Netflix and Hoopla, what can you do? Well, you can definitely sit in a cozy spot and read some books. However, if you do not want to read a book or play a board game, we have a list of some easy winter crafts you can do.

1.       Winter Wreath: You can make wreaths for all seasons out of a variety of items. If you can step outside, you can grab a few easily bendable branches  of cedar with the leaves or bare branches. To tie these branches together you can use some string twine, wire or yarn. To decorate you can glue or tie some pine cones on it. You can also tie a giant bow of ribbon on it. You can cut shapes out of felt or glue/ tie on your own ornaments.

2.       Garland: You can make or buy some popcorn. Then, use a sewing needle and string to sew together popcorn pieces or other objects like buttons or pine cones.

3.       Pine Cone decorations: Taking a walk to collect some pine cones can be fun. Once you have enough to decorate either your garland, tree or whatever you are going to decorate with them, rinse or dust them off. Then, decorate them with some glitter. If you want to hang them on a tree, tie a string around the top of them.

4.       Tree decoration: You can make a tree out of popsicle sticks or sticks from outside. First find some sticks of various sizes or trim them down to different sizes. Next arrange them in our of shortest to longest, then glue them onto a larger stick using a glue gun or you can use wire or string to tie the branches together onto the large stick.

Holiday Crafts

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Here are some holiday crafts to keep you entertained during the holidays.

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