International Day of Mathematics

IDM highlights the importance of mathematics in our everyday lives, mathematics education in science and technology and addresses the need to empower girls in mathematics.

The theme for 2023 is ‘Mathematics is everywhere’ as it plays a role in our everyday lives. Math is often used in games of strategy, budgeting, calculating the tip at a restaurant and other daily settings.  Mathematical concepts are used by people in many fields such as  finance, construction,  engineers, architect and many more. Math also helps us understand the world such as patterns, money, probability, the design process in creating maps, problem solving  and numbers.

Here are some strategies families can participate in to allow children to practice their math skills: 

1) Incorporate math into daily activities: Measuring ingredients while cooking or calculating the tip at a restaurant 

2) Play math games: These are fun, yet educational ways to improve math skills and some examples are: 

  • Math Bingo : Create bingo cards with math problems rather than numbers. When calling out the problem, children are to solve them.
  • Math Scrabble: Instead of using letters, children create math problems using numbers on their tiles 
  • Addition and Subtraction Bowling: Arrange bowling pins and when children knock them down, they are to add or subtract numbers of pins knocked down to get their score 
  • Money Math: Kids create certain dollar amounts using different coins and bills 

3) Use technology to practice math skills: Some websites including  ABCya Coolmath Games and Math Playground 

4) Read math-themed books to discuss math concepts as it can help children talk about mathematical ideas. Please see below for suggested titles. 

Educational Math Stories for Children

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