It’s April! Join Us For One eRead Canada!


Do you like reading eBooks? Do you enjoy book clubs? Well, then join us and other libraries across Canada for One eRead Canada; it's like being a part of a giant book club! This year's book is Hotline by Dimitri Nasrallah. Hotline follows Muna, a Lebanese woman who immigrates with her son to Canada in the 1980s. Despite facing many challenges, she finds a job as a hotline operator, where she discovers a talent for listening to people’s stories of their daily struggles.

The Hotline eBook and eAudiobook will be available at Markham Public Library from April 1st to April 30th without waitlists or holds so that all Canadians can read along at the same time. You can download a copy from MPL during the month. You can click here to borrow the eBook or here to borrow the eAudiobook.

In 2019, the Canadian Urban Libraries Council created One eRead Canada, which is an initiative where all Canadian public libraries can participate in a giant digital book club.

Join the Canada-wide virtual book club to discuss Hotline, here. This Facebook group is an open group that will allow everyone to discuss the book together. Participants are encouraged to share what they would in any other book club, including reviews, questions, comments and articles related to the book.

Here are some questions to consider about the book to get the discussion going:

  1. The protagonist, Muna, experiences many barriers including discrimination. How does she overcome these challenges? 
  2. Muna is unable to find a job in her field. So, she takes a job as a hotline operator. Why is she unable to find a job in her field?
  3. In the book, how is language discussed as a factor in assimilation?
  4. At the end of the novel, Muna decides to take on a relatively new identity. Would you call that assimilating?
  5. What do you think the message is that the author wants you to take away from the novel? 


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