Let’s Celebrate Canada Book Day and World Book Day!


You may be wondering, what is Canada Book Day? Well, Canada Book Day is on April 23rd and is celebrated on the same day as World Book Day! This day is dedicated to reading and encourages individuals to select a new book to read. Parents are encouraged to read to their child(ren) and to explore a wide selection of books. For instance, when reading various stories, you may want to ask “Which is your favourite book and why?” as well as have a discussion about the events in the story. Although Markham Public Library promotes reading and literacy everyday, today we wanted to celebrate the diverse Canadian authors.

To explore some children's books by Canadian authors, please visit: 

Canada Book Day - Canadian Authors for Children's Books

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April 23rd is Canada Book Day which is also World Book Day! To celebrate this day, we are highlighting diverse Canadian authors and here are some below.

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