Must-have Gifts for Book Lovers!


This holiday season, be sure to support your local independent bookstores and gift stores! There is something for everyone, and many of them offer online shopping or local pickup. This list is all about unique gift ideas for the bookworm in your life. 

For the person who has ten books in their TBR (to be read) pile: 

Get this friend a book journal! They're increasing in popularity so they're not hard to find these days. They're journals made for readers, so you can document the titles you've read, the ones you want to read, and your thoughts on each one. Perfect for the friend or family member who always has ten books on the go and another ten waiting to be read. 

For the person who dog ears their pages: 

Here's an obvious solution - bookmarks! This is a gift that can be purchased, and be very fancy as a result (think: corded bookmarks, bookmarks made of film strips, metal bookmarks) or a gift that can be DIYed! There are tons of tutorials on how to make an amazing homemade bookmark online - and you can personalize it to your giftee too! 

For the person who loves to browse: 

There's no better fit then a gift card to your local bookstore! Look up your nearest independent bookstore and check to see if they offer gift cards. The browsing experience can be super magical, even if the browsing is online!

For the person who is always complaining about how heavy their books are: 

We have two ideas here - a book themed tote bag is a sweet alternative to sticking books in a purse or backpack. There are tons of cool options out there that suit any style. The other idea is an eReader! There are tons on the market these days, and hey! You can borrow eBooks from the library and read them on eReaders too. 

For the person who schedules time to read: 

For the person who thrives on routine, consider gifting them something that adds to the experience they're creating! A book themed candle or tea might do the trick. Both can set the mood for a seriously deep reading session. 

For the person who has bookshelves overflowing with books: 

They know what they like and you can't keep up with their book buying habits. There's a solution to be had! Get them some artwork based on their favourite titles. There are tons of options - like a commission of their favourite scene, a portrait of their favourite character, a quote they've always loved, or a custom painting of their favourite titles' spine (our personal favourite). 

For the person who has way too many books, like waaaaay too many, like they're saying definitely do not buy them any more books: 

We have it - the perfect gift. A Markham Public Library card! Totally free, and with millions of possibilities.