My Canada, My Home: A Celebration of Immigration Stories

Canada is home to many immigrants from all over the world. Our country embraces multiculturalism, diversity and inclusivity, we have the 10th largest economy, we have been named the most educated country in the world, Canadians enjoy access to universal healthcare and from mountains to coastal views, Canada has some of the most beautiful natural attractions to enjoy. There is no wonder why immigrants turn to Canada as a place to start a new life.

While Canada has much to offer, moving to a new country can be daunting. Finding employment, settling into a new community, leaving family behind and learning a new language are only some of the challenges faced by immigrants when they come to Canada. Immigrants are risk-takers, but more importantly so, immigrants are adaptable. Immigrants are resilient. 

The Centre for Immigrant and Community Services (CICS) is thrilled to introduce My Canada, My Home, a collection of over 45 stories from our senior, women and youth clients, presented in a series of three digital books.  These stories capture their unique experiences of hope, resilience and discovery. Here are a several excepts from community stories:

“Every person who has immigrated to Canada has their own heartwarming story – some came to better their children’s education, some for their own professional development, some seeking their own piece of paradise. Although the particular reasons for immigration differ, everyone is surely filled with the same limitless hope for a better future, leaving their homeland, embarking on a journey to a new country, and wishing to fulfil their dreams.”

Maggie Yau, My Immigration Story

“After many years, I admit that I still have an accent when I speak English. However, as a community volunteer, I try to reach out to people of different ethnic backgrounds, so that I’m able to slowly integrate myself into mainstream society, and truly become a piece of the cultural mosaic. Although language had caused many issues for me in my early days in Canada, I am confident that as long as I am unafraid to take risks and put in the work, I will be able to eliminate any barriers I come across. Like a dandelion, I will take root in this land.”

Suwen Zhang, My life as an Immigrant

“Looking back today, I’m glad that I didn’t shut myself in my room and become lost in my own thoughts. No one should feel isolated from the world. In this foreign land full of friendly strangers, as long as you are brave enough to step outside, you will find yourselves with genuine friendships and a meaningful purpose in life.”

Freda To, Walking Hand in Hand on the Immigration Journey

Each book is also a resource guide containing useful community resources.  We hope that these stories encourage and inspire those with similar paths just like how it’s inspired CICS to strive to become a leading immigrant-serving organization.

To read the full stories, visit My Canada, My Home

This blog was written by staff from the Centre for Immigrant and Community Services.