Tips to Help Your Child Succeed at School

Although there are many ways to support your child with learning, below are 3 tips: 

1. Ongoing Communication with Your Child 

Talking to your child about what is being taught in each class could be a good way to start. To support your child’s learning and to learn more about the curriculum, visit the Ontario Ministry of Education to get an overview of the curriculum expectations for each grade. If you are looking for additional resources to support the learning, please check out TVO Learn as it offers a wide variety of curriculum based content for Grades 1 to 12. 

2. Support Homework Habits 

Homework reinforces content covered in class. When supporting your child with homework, you will have an opportunity to learn about whether your child is understanding the material. For subjects such as Science and Social Studies with long passages of text, using a highlighter to highlight key terms and sentences could be helpful when referring back to the information at a later time.

To support your child in Math, having a conversation about different strategies to solve questions could be one way to assess your child’s understanding of math concepts. This will provide your child an opportunity to discuss the thought process and share strategies used to arrive at the answer.  If you are interested in  connecting with an online tutor to address questions live, please feel free to try out Brainfuse as they are able to support students in Grades 1 to 12 with reading, writing, math, science, etc. 

3. Study Habits and Test Preparation 

Sometimes  preparing for a test can be overwhelming. Knowing ahead of time when the test is scheduled can be  helpful in being able to support your child to prepare for it. With ongoing review of the content covered in class, your child will probably be more comfortable with the material when it is time to write the test. For instance, depending on the grade your child is in, setting aside some time dedicated to reviewing the content on a weekly basis rather than waiting till the night before the test could be helpful. 

When reviewing the content of certain subjects (e.g.,Science, Social Studies), it is helpful to have your child  bring home the handouts, textbooks and notes provided in class. Depending on the subject, the use of mnemonic devices could help with recalling information. 

For additional strategies, please visit this website. To learn more about tips and strategies to support your child in Kindergarten to Grade 3, we have an upcoming workshop on Wednesday March 23rd and we look forward to having you join us!

Resources for Parents to Help Your Child Succeed at School

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