What Can You Find in a Canadian Public Library?

When imagining a library, what comes to your mind? Maybe you picture a perfectly silent space filled with endless bookshelves. Or maybe you think of the stereotypical librarian sternly shushing you while you try to quietly put back a screeching chair. Perhaps you associate libraries with spaces where one goes to learn something new. But what if I told you that public libraries in Canada are whatever you make them out to be? Conveniently located in your communities, libraries are places where you can let your imagination run free, learn new things, use the latest technology, and even meet new friends.

When you are first walking through the doors of Markham Public Library, don’t be surprised that our spaces are not perfectly silent and our staff don’t shush you whenever make a noise. Our libraries are spaces where you can come regardless of whether your goal is to relax in a comfortable chair, make a laser-cut portrait (yup, we have the equipment for that), study for an exam, or meet your neighbours. So what’s in a Canadian public library, you ask? The short answer is, what isn’t? Here are just some things you can find at Markham Public Library: 

The Traditional Stuff

Let’s start with the basics. Markham Public Library has everything that you would expect a library to have, like books, newspapers, magazines, movies, and TV shows. To find what you’re looking for, you can search our catalogue and filter results by the type of materials you prefer. We also have materials in over 15 languages!

Learn New Skills and Languages

Do you enjoy learning new things? At the library, you can find endless courses to continuously improve your skills and expand your knowledge. With thousands of self-paced options to choose from, on platforms like Udemy, and Mango Languages, you can even get certificates upon completion to show off your newly-found skills. The library also offers free virtual tutoring available for children who require a little extra homework help. Checkout the full selection of our online courses to get started.

Create with the Latest Technology

If you visit our libraries, you will be surprised to find rooms filled with the latest maker technology. Makespaces are, as you probably already guessed, spaces where you can make stuff. You can find 3D printers, digitization machines, vinyl cutters, laser engravers, and embroidery machines. So if you’re feeling creative, stop by to find out where your imagination will take you.

Check the Library Before You Buy

Did you know that you can borrow a DLSR camera at the library? How about a bicycle? The library has many non-traditional collections that can help you in your day-to-day life. At Markham Public Library, you can borrow digital media equipment, musical instruments, bicycles, toys, and other useful items that can be found in our Lendery. Before you buy an item, always remember to check your public library. Chances are, we’ve got you covered!

There’s a Program for That!

While the library is known for its children’s programs, we also offer options for all ages. From free yoga, to resume workshops, you are guaranteed to find something that suits your needs. Checkout our Events Calendar for a selection of in-person and virtual programs to get started.

Meet Your Community

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do when visiting your local public library, is say hello to your neighbours and library staff. We look forward to meeting you!

Ready to Visit?

Markham Public Library has eight branches across Markham and Thornhill and our digital branch is always open. If you live, work or study in Markham or York Region, you can sign up for a library card. If you live outside of York Region, remember to check your local public library. Like the library in Markham, it’ll be sure to amaze you!

Have a question about all of the different things you can find at the library? Contact us at 905-513-7977 during library hours or by email for assistance.