Curbside 3D Printer Form

3D Printing

With our curbside 3D printing service, you can bring your 3D designs to life! Simply upload your file and submit the form below. Our team will contact you with a cost estimate and confirm the details of your print job before printing. We will then notify you when the object is ready for pick up!


We will be printing 3D objects using the Dremel 3D20.
Upload your object as an .STL file or G-code, formatted using Dremel software.
The printer's maximum build size is 230mm x 150mm x 140mm.
Each print job must be at least 1.5 hours long and no longer than 5 hours
Colour choice is limited and will be discussed via email or phone
We do not print trademarked, patented, copyrighted material, weapons, or parts of weapons
Print jobs can take up to 2 weeks to complete


$3/hour + tax. We will share the cost estimate for your approval before printing the file.
Payment can only be paid online .Online payments can only be made with major credit cards (Visa or Mastercard).See MPL’s guide to Making An Online Payment to get started.

More questions about 3D printing? Contact us for assistance or troubleshooting.

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