5 Things We Love About E-Books & E-Readers

E-books have been an exciting addition to the lives of many readers. Maybe you're a reader who loves the feel and smell of a new book, an old book, or a library book. Maybe you love browsing the shelves for a heavy book that would go well with a cup of tea, or a small book to read on your commute. But just maybe the things we love about e-books can get you to try them out as well!

Markham Public Library has a wide selection of e-books that can be checked out through our website and read instantly on your device, or through the mobile app Libby. Check out our top five favorite things about e-books:

  1. Never Lose Your Place

When reading an e-book your device will automatically save your spot whether you're reading on a tablet, e-reader, or computer. No more fumbling around for book marks, or loose papers to try and mark your place if you have to put your book down!

2. Portable

Did you can fit the whole e-library on a smartphone? Okay, maybe you couldn't download every book at once but if you've been eying a long title like Cloud Cuckoo Land, MiddleMarch, or War and Peace you don't have to worry about the weight. The portability of e-books on a phone, laptop, tablet, or e-reader make it easy to read on the go and sneak in a little more reading time.

As the world starts to open, and travel along with it, e-books are also great for vacations! Remember packing for a beach vacation wondering how many novels you would need, and what clothes or other items you were willing to give up the suitcase space for? Not anymore! On just your device its easy to fit as many books as you like.

3. Adjust the Font

While Markham Public Library has an excellent large print collection it can often take longer for large print titles to come out, and libraries tend to have fewer of them. When reading an e-book you can customize the size of the font to meet your needs without waiting for a large print copy. 

4. Brightness

Remember being a kid and reading under the covers? Just you and your flashlight - and hopefully enough batteries! With e-books you can adjust the brightness on your device's screen for a built-in book light experience. Gone are the days of fussing with flashlights, clipping on book lights, or waking a partner or child with the lights you need to read!

5. The Comfort of Home

Of course, one of the best things about e-books is the convenience. Don't have time to go to the library and browse? Now you can browse the library catalogue waiting in the grocery check out, at the dentist, picking the kids up from school, or anywhere else! Books can be instantly downloaded to your device so you don't have to wait to go to the library.

Similarly, books are also returned automatically or can be renewed from your reading device. Worried about late fees? Not anymore! 

E-reading is great for switching it up. If you're not loving a book it is much easier to return a book and pick a new one from the comfort of wherever you are. 

If you haven't tried e-books yet, try it out! While our five favorite reasons for e-reading are above, don't forget about other great features like built-in dictionaries, the role e-materials can play in decluttering, and the easier impact of the environment of non-print materials.

Let us know what you think of e-books in the comments!