5 Tips to Help you Actually Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

Let’s be honest, how many of us have made New Year’s resolutions, only to break them a few days or weeks later? Why is it that we simply cannot seem to stick to our resolutions, no matter how hard we try? There are various reasons that a large number of people unfortunately fail, but I have some tips below to help you succeed for the New Year.

Here are my 5 tips to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution!

1) Be reasonable: Too many people simply make a resolution that is extremely challenging, or unrealistic. Some of the most common ones you hear are along the lines of “I’m going to lose [insert high number] pounds”, or “I’m going to work out at the gym every single day and get a six pack by the end of the year”, or even “I’m going to save up enough money to buy my dream house”. It’s much better to start with smaller goals and milestones that you can hit along your journey, and that help keep you focused. If you’ve never worked out a day in your life, you’re probably not going to be able to (nor enjoy) working out every day. Start smaller, like going to the gym 2 times a week and then progressively increase it as you become more disciplined.

2) Be forgiving of yourself: People are often their own worse critics. Have you ever tried to diet, only to go over your daily caloric intake, and then give up dieting altogether? Maybe you had a bad week and decided you didn’t feeling like working out anymore. Too often, New Year’s resolutions are abandoned when something goes slightly awry, or if you fall off the wagon while trying to stick to your goals. If you should falter or stumble along your journey to achieve your New Year’s resolutions, do not give up. Try again. And again. And again. Just like life, you’ll likely encounter obstacles along the way – you just need to forgive yourself during any failures, and then get right back up and have another go at it.

3) Find like-minded people: Regardless of your New Year’s resolution, finding a group of like-minded individuals striving towards the same goals as you can serve as an enormous resource to benefit you. You can ask questions, you can share struggles, and you can provide each other with tips on how to succeed in achieving your goals. If you don’t know where to find such individuals, websites like Reddit and Facebook have many groups that you can post on, in order to connect with people that could help you along your journey!

4) Avoid the crowd: This piece of advice doesn’t necessarily apply to all New Year’s resolutions, but it does target a big one that people frequently make: the goal to lose weight by hitting the gym. For any regular gym-goer, you’re probably well aware of the fact that gyms are absolutely packed with new members during the month of January. This can be pretty discouraging to new members, as it means that a large portion of the gym equipment will probably be in use, parking might be hard to find, and lockers may be unavailable. If you plan to become a regular gym member, I would encourage you to spend the first month or so doing research and figuring out the routine you’ll be doing and how to properly work out, and to avoid the massive January crowd!

5) Make a plan: It pays to do your research and formulate a plan of action, so that there are concrete steps you can take towards achieving your goal. For instance, there are a plethora of guides that exist on how to budget money effectively with starter kits and tips for individuals just getting started on their journey towards better financial management. Workout programs also tend to start off more easily and get progressively harder as you embark on your fitness journey. Making a plan will help keep you accountable, track your progress, and set out realistic expectations for yourself!

I hope you find the above tips helpful, and that you succeed in achieving your New Year’s resolution, whatever it may be. Good luck, and may the New Year bring with it the positive changes you are hoping to accomplish!