Comfort Food

Food is an important part of our everyday lives! Although we may enjoy different types of food, many of us turn to comfort food as our “go to dish” especially during the winter months or cooler months of the year. When we think of comfort food, it is usually something that is hearty and satisfying in flavour. 

Although people may have their preferences for what is considered as “comfort food”,  typically one may categorize the food that provides comfort including:

1)      Comfort food is hearty and filling

  •  Often times it is something that you crave, is nourishing, keeps you warm on a cold day or leaves your taste buds feeling satisfied

2)      Comfort food could represent something special

  • Everyone has their own definition of “comfort food”; however, some of the recipes could be passed down from family members. In addition to the flavour, this may also create a positive thought or a feeling of nostalgia where the comfort is also attached to the memories of a particular food item.

3)      Comfort food is what each person enjoys

  • Depending on one’s cultural background, the food that brings comfort may differ. For instance, some people find macaroni and cheese delicious and satisfying; whereas, others may enjoy a bowl of warm, hearty noodles during a cold winter night.
Comfort Food Options

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