Five Things You May Not Have Known You Could Do with Your Markham Public Library Card

Markham Public Library Card
Markham Public Library Card

Most people already know that the library is place filled with books and maybe you know that you also have access to  music, movies and magazines, but if you haven’t explored Markham Public library lately, well, you might be surprised.

Here are 5 things that you may not have known you could do at the Markham Public Library.

1.      Borrow a  bike :

In partnership with Markham Cycles, we have  Bicycle Lending Library .  Bikes, along with accessories such as locks, helmets and bike trailers can be borrowed for 2 weeks at a time and it’s free with your Markham Public Library card! Take look at the collection of items found on the MPL catalogue here.

2.      Borrow a musical instrument :

If you have ever wanted try playing a guitar or a drum and even a violin, then this collection is for you. Explore our Musical Instrument Library and start making music! Borrow from a collection of over 50 instruments and even record your music or even podcast in our state-of-the-art sound booth. It’s 100% free, all you need is a MPL library card.

3.      Use and borrow the equipment in our Maker Spaces:

 Maker spaces are collections of resources that all allow the user to create things using technology and different tools. One can create things with 3D printers, cricuts and vinyl cutting machines, sewing and embroidery machines. You can scan old negatives and convert them into a digital format, you can engrave glass or wood using the laser cutter and even edit movies or photos. The possibilities are endless and it’s all free with your library card!

4.      Access online homework help and online tutors through Brainfuse:

Brainfuse offers a comprehensive suite of online academic services designed to support many learning needs and styles.  It also offers career resources for adults, including live resume assistance, preparation materials for the citizenship test and information about the high school equivalency exam. The service is free with your Markham Public Library card. Check it out here.

5.      Learn a new skill using one of our many online databases:

Through databases such as Udemy, Digital Academy, and Learning Express Library Canada, anyone with a Markham Public Library card can learn about and follow up on stocks, learn a new language, practice for their Canadian Citizenship Exam or even learn how to decorate cakes – with some many databases, the possibilities are endless and it’s all free with your Markham Public Library card!