Halloween Crafts to Do with the Whole Family

Halloween trees, paper bats and pumpkin-carving: Halloween is all about arts and crafts. There is more to do than just making your costume from scratch. Here are some Halloween crafts you can do with the family. No tricks here, only treats! 

Create a Halloween tree

Lately there has been an explosion on social media, with people posting pictures of their various Halloween trees, because trees are not just for Christmas anymore. You can either use your existing Christmas tree or get a specific Halloween tree; there are black and orange ones available. If you are in the crafty mood, why not opt for creating your own one, which is also more eco-friendly. You just need a couple of wooden branches and something like a foam board or popsicle sticks to be your base. You will want to tie the branches together with some string. To make your tree extra spooky, why not paint it black? Once you have your tree, don't forget to decorate it. If you do not have time to make ornaments, you can always hang some candy up on your Christmas tree. You can make garlands out of string and popcorn.

Halloween wreath

If you enjoy making a Halloween tree, why stop there! Gather some branches and twist then, wrap them up, tying them together to make a wreath. Use black and orange bows to decorate it. 

Paper shapes

You can cut paper bats out, ghosts or pumpkins out of construction paper, and then hang them in your window. 




Toilet Paper bats

How can you make these? Well, you will need googly eyes, a toilet roll, black construction paper and black paint.