How to Celebrate This Year’s Halloween

This year Halloween will be quite different from others before; there won’t be trick-or-treating or house parties. In light of this, it’s safe to say that most of us won’t be dressing up either. However, this does not mean that we have to ignore Halloween celebrations entirely. To celebrate Halloween this year, why not have a scary-movie-a-thon and eat some delicious candy. You could bake some Halloween-themed cookies in ghostly or ghoulish shapes -just don’t forget to decorate them.

Another fun option is to decorate for Halloween by doing some arts and crafts, why not get some black construction paper and cut out some bat and spider shapes to stick on your wall or window. You could also decorate your Christmas tree, if you have one, or any tree really, with Halloween decorations to make a Halloween tree; themed trees for various holidays and seasons, is all the rage nowadays. If you are feeling festive and still want to dress up, why not dress up during the day of Halloween and have a family dance party and learn the moves to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Extra points if you make your costume out of recycled or household items! Also, don't forget to carve a pumpkin! There are plenty of different shapes or faces that you can carve to make a jack-o'-lantern. Here's a video to help you carve yours:

Here is what my jack-o'-lantern looks like when I put a candle inside and turned off the lights. Spooky isn't it?

If arts and crafts are not your thing and the idea of watching a scary movie is way too frightening, why not light a candle and indulge yourself in a spooky read? There might not be a lot of tricks this year, but there will be treats…here are some recommended reading lists:

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