How to Find Stillness in a World of Chaos

ProgramsThe past two years have been years like never before. And even though many of us have moved into the world of working from home, finding time to focus on one’s self can be even more difficult than it ever was before.  In the rush to accomplish everything in a day , everyday stressors can take over, making it easy to lose connection with the present moment. If stress has you anxious, tense and worried, consider trying meditation. Spending even a few minutes in meditation can help restore calm in a world of chaos..

Anyone can practice meditation. It's simple, doesn't require any special equipment and it can be practiced anywhere.  Studies have shown that meditating and being mindful even for a few minutes every day can have positive impacts on both physical and mental health and can improve sleep, increase focus and even reduce stress.

Give it a try.

1.     Find a quiet space

2.     Sit in a comfortable position

3.     Breathe gently

4.     Your mind may wander. Let your distractions come and go.

Need some help getting started? We offer a variety of different wellness programs each month, including Meditation and Yoga and have many resources from books, ebooks, digital resources and online courses that can help.

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