I Read Canadian Day!

Today is I Read Canadian Day! This day is to celebrate reading Canadian stories by Canadian authors. It focuses specifically on Canadian books for children and teens. The purpose of this day is to encourage young people to read; every child and teen should have access to books, especially Canadian ones! There are so many great Canadian books to choose from and authors to read. When you read Canadian you celebrate the diversity and richness of Canadian literature. 

Why read? When people read, they are healthier. Reading also encourages young people to be more active socially and civically. It promotes achievement and academic success as well. 

How can you celebrate I read Canadian Day? 

  1. This year, there is a challenge to read 15 minutes of Canadian literature and share a photo on social media or tell your friends. You do not have to read a whole book, although you will probably want to. You can even choose short stories or poetry.
  2. Research Canadian books and discuss them at school or amongst your friends. Ask who is reading what.
  3. You could always join a book club and MPL hosts plenty, see our Book Clubs events., opens a new window
  4. Attend one of MPL’s Canadian author talks; coming soon, take a look at our events page , opens a new window for future events, opens a new window.
  5. Read one of the books on the list we compiled featuring Canadian authors:
I read Canadian

List created by selenamann

Do you read Canadian? Wednesday November 2nd, 2022 is I Read Canadian Day. This day we celebrate Canadian books and the diversity of Canadian literature. Take a look at the list below of books written by Canadian authors.

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