Sow and Grow Summer Veggies

As the warm days of June arrive, gardeners eagerly anticipate the opportunity to sow seeds and watch their gardens flourish through summer and into fall. June marks the transition to summer, and it's the right time to plant various seeds that will thrive in the sunny days of summer. Now that you have harvested your spring crops of radish, lettuce and spinach its time to replace them with heat-tolerant plants like cucumber, beans and summer squash. With proper preparation, you can extend your vegetable garden's productivity and enjoy a delicious bounty of fresh produce well into autumn

Plant these seeds in June for a bountiful summer veggie garden:

  • Cucumbers are perfect to sow in June for a mid to late summer harvest. These refreshing and versatile veggies thrive in warm weather and require well-draining soil, sow 12 inches apart and about half an inch deep. Ensure the soil remains consistently moist, consider using a trellis or vertical support system to maximize space and improve air circulation around the plants.
  • Beans are a versatile and rewarding crop to sow in June. Bush Beans grow quickly in small spaces and containers, sow every few weeks for a continuous crop into autumn. Pole beans like tall vertical support systems and can be eaten fresh throughout summer or left on the plant to dry until autumn for winter bean stews and for sowing the next year.  Whether you opt for bush beans or pole beans, they are relatively easy to grow and easy to save seeds from.
  • Squash is a family of plants that includes winter squash like pumpkin, butternut and spaghetti squashes. Zucchini, cousa and patty pan are considered summer squashes. June is the perfect time to get your summer and winter squash seeds into soil. Directly sow your summer squash seeds into the garden bed for a late summer harvest. Start winter squashes in containers now if you are limited on space and transplant them into the ground by early summer for fall harvesting.June is an exciting time for gardeners in Ontario, as it presents a wealth of opportunities to sow seeds and nurture a flourishing garden. Embrace the joys of gardening and let your green thumb guide you to a beautiful and rewarding summer veggie patch! Checkout our books below on how to prepare your favourite veggies and other veggie gardening techniques.

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