What Is A Makerspace: 6 Ways You Can Use It To Test Your Business Idea

Markham Public Library (MPL) houses a variety of Makerspaces at each of our branches. These are collaborative, shared workspaces where ideas come to life.

What exactly is a Makerspace?

A Makerspace is just what the name suggests- a space where you make things. It is an area specifically designed to support creative work. You can use it for creating digital content- edit photos, videos, presentations and create other digital content. Alternatively, you can create something offline, such as knitting, sewing, woodwork or other kinds of art.

A Makerspace is unique because it provides the supporting equipment (tools, machines, hardware and software) that are needed to create skillful, artistic work.

How can you use a Makerspace as a small business owner?

Makerspaces provide access to technology, enabling you to build and test out your idea and create your product/merchandise. Here are 6 ways YOU can use a makerspace to build your small business:

  1. Test equipment: Are you unsure about investing in, say, a sewing machine, or a 3D scanner? Try out the equipment at our Makerspaces and see if it fits your requirements. Make your purchase decisions after testing the equipment hands-on
  2. Build prototypes: Use the makerspace to create a 3D printed version of an item you wish to introduce to the market. What better way to develop a product than to create a sample version of it, before going into production!
  3. Create merchandise: Print out a handful of custom-print t-shirts, mugs, keychains, or other corporate gifts. The vinyl cutter, heat press and laser engraver are some tools that will help with creating your own merchandise
  4. Create videos: Want to create a video and put your own message out there? Create high definition videos using the iMac workstations and a ton of supportive software at our Digital Media Lab
  5. Record original sound tracks: Record original sound tracks at the sound studio. Create quality audio files and music videos at a fraction of what it costs to rent a commercial studio
  6. Meet like-minded creators: Makerspaces are a great meeting place for creators. Make the most of these collaborative spaces, talk to people and develop a better understanding of technology, design, art, etc.

Markham Public Library’s Makerspaces are NOW OPEN at our Aaniin and Angus Glen branches! Please visit the Makerspace page on our website for further details.