Winter Break Activities with Kids


Are you thinking about some fun and exciting things to participate in with your kids during the winter break? Here are some free, yet fun activities to try out in Markham: 

  1. Skating - Markham Civic Centre has an outdoor rink that runs during the Winter season. Other outdoor rinks are available in Markham depending on the weather/ ice conditions. 
  2. Tobogganing - Grab your toboggans and enjoy the hills in Markham.  Before enjoying this exciting activity, please be mindful of a few things: 
  • When locating a place to toboggan, ensure the hill is clear of trees and other obstructions at the bottom (e.g., rocks) as well as there is enough room to stop (e.g., no roads,  stay away from rivers, roads or railroads etc). 
  • Be mindful of the city’s guidelines regarding tobogganing as each municipality may have different bylaws and remember it is at your own risk.
  • One of the bigger hills in Markham is behind the Milliken Mills Community Centre. However, depending on which side of the hill you decide to use, some areas have a gully. This is recommended for those looking for some speed. 

3. Hiking in the Winter - Rouge Valley Forest Therapy Trail offers a  nice, long  trail for both winter and all season hikes. The trail is clearly marked with signs to guide you along on your winter hike. Other activities you may enjoy include bringing your own snowshoes and bird watching. 

4. Free Winter Break Programs at MPL - At Markham Public Library, we are excited to announce the many programs available for children of all ages during this Winter Break. Check out these programs and we look forward to having your family join us at the library!


Winter Break Activities with Kids

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Are you thinking of fun activities to try with your kids this Winter? Check out this list to help get your started!

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