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Book Club Guidelines

Sharing a book-reading experience can be inspiring, stimulating and sometimes challenging when there’s a diversity of opinions about topics or themes of the book. Our objective is to offer a welcoming and inclusive space where we can meet to discuss books in an environment where all opinions are respected, new friendships are made and existing ones are strengthened. To create a positive experience we ask all participants to follow these guidelines:

  1. Success depends on participation – collectively we should share ideas, ask questions, and engage others in conversation.
  2. Respectfully listen and hold space for others.
  3. Listen to understand, share your unique perspective, and speak honestly.
  4. Be positive, non-judgmental and open to new ideas.
  5. Critique ideas, not people. Remember to practice non-defensiveness during the discussion.
  6. Respect each other’s’ thinking and value their contributions. Everything happens through courageous conversations.

Thinking of starting a book club?

These books in our collectionopens a new window will help you get started with organizing and running your book club.  We also suggest
Readinggroupchoices.comopens a new window for advice, tips and reading recommendations.  Novelist is an excellent online resource for book discussion guides.

Your book club can borrow Book Club Kitsopens a new window with multiple copies of one title so that everyone in your club has a copy of the book.

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