3D Printing

Explore the 3D printers that are available at MPL. Discover how you can transform a 2D image into a physical 3D object and watch it appear before your eyes.

Have you ever tried 3D printing yet? Whether you want to 3D print a missing chess piece, a nag tag, your favourite Pokemon, or a complex prototype, the possibilities are endless. The 3D printer uses an additive process when making three dimensional objects from a digital file. If you are curious if your designs can be printed, simply contact our Digital Literacy Specialists.

Related FAQs

  • Please do not try to print trademarked, patented, or copyrighted material. MPL does not 3D print weapons or parts of weapons.

  • Please allow for a 2 week time frame for files to be printed.

  • Cost depends on time. The rate for 3D printing rate is $3/hr +tax.

  • You can use .stl files and gcode files. Please send us .stl files with your size, layer, and infill specifications through our online form. Gcode files must be formatted  for a Dremel 3D20 using Dremel Digiliab Slicer, opens a new window (with no supports added to the file). In the case of gcode, please send us the original .stl file as an added precaution.

  • You can contact our expert Digital Literacy Specialists by email or connect to library staff at 905-513-7977 during library hours .



Ultimaker 3

MPL has both the Ultimaker 3 and S3 available for customer use. The Ultimaker is a professional 3D printer for high quality, detailed work.

Available at: Aaniin, Angus Glen, Markham Village, Thornhill Community Centre Library


Dremel 3D20

The Dremel Idea Builder is a hobbyist, kid-friendly 3D printer. It is useful for quick print jobs that don’t require a lot of detail.  MPL has both Dremel 3D20 and Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder printers in the Makerspaces.

Available at: Aaniin, Angus Glen, Cornell, Markham Village, Thornhill Community Centre Library


Follow these simple steps to become Makerspace Certified to use our Makerspace equipment!

Step One: Complete the Online Makerspace Certification course. This course should only take 15-30 minutes to complete. As part of the certification, you will review and agree to the Makerspace User Agreement.

Step Two: Create an account on Markham’s Program Registration and Facility Booking Platform.

Step Three: Complete our form to arrange a time to meet with a Digital Literacy Specialist.  Once you have completed this form, our staff will connect with you via email within 5-7 business days.

Note: Customers under 13 years of age will need to be accompanied by a Makerspace-certified adult to use Makerspace equipment.


MPL has partnered with a local vendor to ensure all PLA waste produced from our Makerspace gets recycled properly and make into new filament again! Angus Glen Library, Aaniin Library, Thornhill Community Centre Library, Markham Village Library, and Cornell Library all have a dedicated red recycling bin for PLA waste. They are located in the Makerspace. You are welcomed to bring in your 3D printed PLA items that you don't want any more to our recycling program. 

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