5 Reasons Why You Should Try BrainFuse

It feels like ages ago that we were attempting to make fresh bread, and now we are preparing to go back to school!

But do no fret, with your MPL card, you can access BrainFuse - an online database that offers learning and tutoring services. Use BrainFuse to catch up just before school starts or even after you do go back to school.

Here’s how BrainFuse can help you:

  1. Homework Help - Students can submit questions in an online classroom and a Brainfuse tutor can offer one-on-one assistance from 2pm to 11pm. Or writing tutors can offer constructive feedback on submissions. 
  1. Language Lab- Fluent tutors in French and Spanish can help with all your linguistic questions through live online help.
  1. Discover your Talents- Using self-assessment tools, you can discover your strengths and talents to map out potential future careers. Access the adult learning center for resume and cover letter assistance or other career resources. 
  1. Meet with Others- Form virtual study group sessions with friends, peers or instructors. Using Brainwave, you can record white-board sessions or work on projects that involve motion or sequencing.  
  1. Newcomer Support- Receive help to prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Test or brush up on your skills using Microsoft Office help.

Try BrainFuse now.