Celebrate Mother’s Day by Giving her a Gift she Will Love!

This year, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 8. Mother’s Day is a lovely holiday to remind us of everything our moms have done for us while we were growing up. I’m always appreciative of the love I received from my mom and the many things she did for me. She made my bed, taught me how to brush my teeth, would read me bedtime stories, and made me an enormous number of home-cooked meals over the years.

Frankly, no gift can adequately thank my mother for all the hard work she put into raising me. But even so, I have some gift suggestions below that moms all over Markham can appreciate!

1) Make a scrapbook: With everything being digital nowadays, a scrapbook is a great way to show how much you care by creating a gift from scratch. Be sure to include lots of photos of you with mom, along with phrases and images that will put a smile on her face. Bonus points if you include photos that make mom cringe

2) Pamper your mom for the day: Start the day by making her breakfast in bed. Then, take care of anything else she might have on her plate – whether that be doing the laundry, doing the dishes, cooking meals, cleaning the house, doing a grocery run. Not only will it allow mom to enjoy her day, but you’ll also get an idea of what she does for you, and be more appreciative.

3) Book a spa day together: If you’re not quite the type with the art skills to make a scrapbook, or reluctant to spend your day doing chores, then consider taking her out for a spa day. You will get to spend some quality time together, and she will feel refreshed and exfoliated.

4) Throw a surprise party for her: Invite some of her friends and family to make her day more special! Celebrating with her loved ones is bound to put a smile on her face. Please note that if you do this, ideally you will be doing all of the cleanup. Nothing spoils the mood more than being thrown a party to celebrate you, only to find out that you have to tidy everything up afterwards.

5) Take her out for a fancy meal: Nothing beats homemade food, right? Well, perhaps the occasional fancy meal might outshine mom’s food once in a while. Take her out to a nice restaurant – make sure you do your research and book reservations in advance, as many higher-end establishments don’t typically do walk-ins (this is especially true on holidays).

6) Create an old-school photo album: If your mom is like mine (rather lacking in technological abilities), then she might really enjoy an old school photo album. This ultimately requires far less work than making a scrapbook, but it still makes for a meaningful and long-lasting present.

7) Personalized gift: Personalized presents can be very impactful, because it shows that you didn’t just go out to a store and buy the first thing you saw on the counter. You can certainly make a present yourself, from scratch, but you can also commission someone to make a gift for you. Etsy is a great place to commission a variety of personalized gifts, the vast majority of which are also handmade.  

As you can see from most of the suggestions I’ve shared above, you don’t need to break the bank to tell mom how much you care about her! Hopefully one of these ideas is helpful to you, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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