Five Thoughtful Gifts if you are on a Budget!

The past two years have been especially challenging for many of us. Luckily, you don’t need to break the bank to give your loved ones gifts that they will like. Really! You can provide awesome, thoughtful gifts even if you’re on a budget.

Need some ideas? I have you covered! All of the gifts outlined below, you can get for below 25$:

1) A good board game: The holidays are a time to spend together with your loved ones. Make that time more enjoyable by getting a good board game that everyone can partake in. Be sure to do a bit of research beforehand, to make sure it’s an activity that everyone will be able to enjoy, and to ensure that it is age-appropriate if kids are also going to be playing.

2) A vehicle emergency kit: This gift is one of the best I’ve ever received, and it might come in especially handy during the cold winter months, as your car is likely to face more issues during this time. Some vehicle kits are loaded with many items, and others only come with the necessities. If you do a bit of shopping around, you can easily find many kits under 25$.

3) Nice wool socks: We’ve all heard of the cliché gift of socks and underwear from our parents and grandparents. Well, you can one-up them by giving a pair of really nice socks instead, to a family member, friend, or your partner. Perhaps you’ve heard of Darn Tough Socks which can cost around 20$ for just a single pair. But, before you think I’m crazy, they are one of the comfiest and sturdiest pair of socks you can put on (they even come with a life guarantee). You don’t need to buy a pair from them, specifically, as there are many great alternatives. That said, I will warn you that once you invest in a higher quality pair of socks (or underwear), you will likely never go back to the cheaper options!

4) Handmade goods: If you have a special set of skills (for example, knitting, woodworking, artistic abilities), it can immediately make your gift much more meaningful! Making something yourself is a great way to save on money. Don’t underestimate the value and joy that a homemade gift can bring to your loved ones.

5) Make your own gift certificates: Are the above gifts still a little too pricey for your budget? Well, this gift suggestion is completely free. For this, all you need to do is use your creativity to come up with gift cards that your friends and family can redeem at their convenience. For instance, you can offer to mow the lawn, wash the dishes, and treat them to a back and foot massage, and much more!

The list above is by no means exhaustive, and you should always try to personalize gifts when possible, to make them that much more meaningful to those you love.

Happy Holidays!