Take Your Child to the Library

Take Your Child to the Library Day (TYCLD) was founded in 2011 at the Waterford Public Library in Connecticut. It has since been celebrated by public libraries across United States and Canada and around the world on the first Saturday in February. Your local library is an ideal place for children to play, discover, make friends and have fun. 

Why Children Need Libraries (from the Association for Library Service to Children)

Because child readers become grown-up leaders. Children who are proficient in reading by the end of grade 3 are significantly more likely to graduate high school, opening doors to a bright future.

Because storytime is a key building block to school success. Library storytimes and programs for babies and preschoolers teach social and academic skills that directly translate to early school success.

Because the internet is for everyone. Libraries provide key access to internet, wifi, computers and other devices, ensuring all children start on a level playing field. 

Because homework shouldn't cause headaches. After school programs provide improved school performance, decreased drug use, and foundational life skills. 

Because libraries transform lives. Every day your local library is creating connections, igniting curiosity, and enriching lives. It is important to represent children of colour, with disabilities or with any other kind of diversity in books. It is crucial for children reading to see themselves in the stories and images, if your child only ever sees white children in books, it can make children of other races and diversity seem out of place. Parents have a responsibility to teach children about diversity and acceptance in the world. So get the conversation going at a young age and instill these values, incorporate books about and including diversity to your child's reading time. On your next visit to the library checkout a title from the booklists below from diverse authors.

Bring your child to storytime at your local Markham Public Library branch this Saturday, February 4. And be sure to stop in again soon - because every day is a great day to take your child to the library!

Children's books by Asian authors

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Children's books by Black authors

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Children's books by Indigenous authors

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