The Best Resources for your Business!

Finding trustworthy, and helpful resources for our questions can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack, when you’re browsing the Internet. Sometimes it’s simply easier to pay somebody else to do all the research for you, and compile it in a neat little report, summarizing the key resources to assist you with the question(s) you had.

If you’re a business-owner in Markham, then you’re in luck, as I’ve already done the research on your behalf! While your needs may be varied, I’ve highlighted below a list of resources that you might find especially useful.

Here they are:

Markham Business DirectoriesBusiness directories can be very useful, as you can use them to discover some of the industries that might be thriving in Markham, or companies that you might directly be competing with when offering a service. If you’re looking for more localized business directories, websites for Unionville and Main Street Markham businesses also exist.

Know Your Audience – You should utilize research reports that already exist, to help you make informed business decisions. Census data for the city of Markham might reveal important information that you may not have otherwise known. If the Census data suggested that the average age of Markham residents was 60 in a specific area, it might not be wise to open an indoor rock-climbing facility in that neighbourhood.

Research, Research, Research - As a business owner, you should never be complacent, and always try to increase your knowledge so that you can have a competitive edge compared to businesses that offer similar services to yours. Access to business research can be prohibitively expensive, but they are invaluable tools for any business owner. Fortunately, Markham Public Library subscribes to several business databases that are free of charge – all you need is a library card!

Business Programming – Attending business programs, many of which are free, is a great way to learn important information from experts themselves. The Markham Small Business Centre always has numerous free workshops as does the Markham Public Library.

Take your Business Online – If your business isn’t online, in our current digital age, it is almost akin to your business not existing. Fortunately for you, ShopHERE is creating online stores for small business owners and artists for free. That’s right, free! They even teach you how to manage your newly created website. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this incredible offer?

Financial Assistance for your Business – If you find your business financially struggling, and in need of assistance, the Government of Canada is offering numerous initiatives to assist you. The Canada Emergency Business Account is providing zero-interest loans to small businesses to help them meet their financial obligations (such as paying for utilities). The Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy can help you cover part of your commercial property or rent expenses.

If you’re not a business-owner yourself, there’s still many ways you can assist local, Markham businesses. For instance, you can share this helpful blog with individuals that you think might benefit from this information. Another way that you can help, is by shopping locally for the Holidays. If you’re a last-minute shopper, the benefit of buying from local Markham businesses is that they’re close-by, and won’t take forever to ship to you!