Markham Reads Voting 2024


Join us for the 12th Annual Markham Reads where we vote for a book and read together as a City and connect with each other at fun events related to the book.

Every year, Markham comes together to read a book as part of the biggest city-wide library program we have! It's a great way to connect as a city and meet new friends.

Join us for Markham Reads 2024, an annual city-wide reading initiative in Markham. Be part of the excitement as we collectively choose a book to embark on a journey of discovery, connection, and shared experiences.

Celebrating the joy of reading as we unite as a city to explore the chosen book's themes, characters, and messages. Dive into a world of imagination and conversation as we host engaging events and activities that bring the book to life and foster connections among Markham residents.


Book Summaries

Get Ready for Markham Reads 2024!

Get ready for Markham Reads 2024! Choose a book that you would like the City to read together this year and connect with other readers at fun events related to the book.

Read the book summaries to help you decide which book to vote for.

Short List

Markham Reads celebrates one book that we've voted on as a community. Check out the shortlisted books this year and vote for the one you want to read.

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